10 Amazing Tips to Promote Your Company at a Trade Show!

Many companies design numerous promotional ways to attract their customers towards their products and services. This trend has become so popular over the years that companies have started hiring professional help to conduct events for just promoting their companies.

If you are new into the business world and looking for an easy way to promote your products and services, here’s a guide book which offers 10 amazing tips to organize trade show giveaways. So let’s dive in.


1.   Wallet for Smartphone


Gadgets like smartphones dominate our present as well as future. Providing your customers with a smartphone wallet is going to catch their attention and you will be able to promote your company in a better and more fancy way. For this, one should make sure that the company logo is visible on the wallet and compliments the colours of your brand.

This way of promoting your brand is affordable, lightweight and portable. It is, without a doubt, labor-saving to convey your message to your customers.

Customers can save their important documents like debit card, driver’s license as well as cash in their smartphone wallets. A catch for those who travel more often for their business.


2.   Tote Bags


Tote bag is one of the most prevalent ways to tempt customers to buy their products and services. This commodious way will help customers to bag in other goodies they collect at the trade show. A professional approach towards tote bags promotion is to include other items such as brochures, coupons, clips, etc. You can take professional help from experienced graphic designers to post noticeable and impressive colours that will invite customers to your product.


3.   Reusable Water Bottles


Water Bottle is something everyone likes to carry around. From college, office to parks and evening walks, reusable water bottles will always accompany you wherever you go. Giving out reusable water bottles as a promotional giveaway on the trade show floor will definitely welcome a large group of people to your space. Everyone will be eager to get this eco-friendly giveaway item to add into their essentials.

The material of these reusable water bottles is contributing to a longer lifespan. Along with conveying your company’s message on the bottle you can also gather appreciation by designing your bottles in an environment-friendly way. For example, green colour can be used to promote preservation of the natural ecosystem.

Customers can also gain health benefits from this giveaway while keeping themselves hydrated as they attend the trade show.


4.   Lip Balm


This one is worthy of attention for those related to cosmetic industries. Attending a trade show can be very exciting yet tiring. Conversing with you exhibitors is bound to make one’s lips chapped. Most of us are habitual to using lip balm and reaching for it everytime customers open their purse will remind them of your brand. They are not only inexpensive but due to their long shelf line, they can be used from show to show saving your money. It also protects your lips from harsh winter winds and scorching summer sun. We would definitely suggest you keep this giveaway item at the top of your list.


5.   T-Shirts


T-Shirts are one of the most marketable trade show giveaway things. Surveys have claimed that customers love to get their hands on free T-Shirts. This will ensure that your trade show stall engages customers to look through your products. Wearing these T-Shirts will expose your brand on a wider scale and draw optimum traffic to your stall. Also, important messages from your brand as well as new deals can also get imprinted on the T-Shirt making room for more advertisements. Customers can keep them in their bags and wear them whenever they like. Also, they provide a good memory from a great event.


6.   Portable USB chargers


To stay connected to your clients and customers, these USB chargers are going to offer an efficient communication system to remain in touch. As everyone these days likes to progress in the IT world, a USB charger is something everyone likes to receive. This will boost the traffic to your stall. You can design your company’s logo onto the device for branding opportunities. As they are not very inexpensive, this will create a dominating impact upon the customers and help you stand out amongst all your competitors. For customers, they won’t have any issues carrying around this lightweight device. This will help them to charge multiple devices leaving a great impression of your brand.


7.   Breath Mints


Another essential you will find in your pocket or purse is a breath mint. Whether you are leaving for college or that last minute meeting at your office, popping out breath mints into your mouth has now become a reflex action. However, at trade shows, the demand for breath mints is always high as one would have to meet and converse with hundreds of people.

Therefore, a breath mint giveaway is a-must-to-have promotional method to entice customers to explore your booth. They are easy to pack and use. Moreover, it is just like an automatic brand promotional item which will publicize your brand’s name every time and one shares his breath mint with another attendee.


8.   Eatables


Everyone is a food lover these days. Attending any trade show is always going to render one with an empty appetite. Offering light snacks to your customers is always a good way to keep them engaged in a conversation for a longer time. Be it coffee, tea or customized brownies, it is going to leave an impression of a healthy and friendly atmosphere between an exhibitor and attendee. This will definitely help people to talk about your brand and offer a warm reception to potential customers.


9.   Audio Gadgets


Audio devices like mini Bluetooth speakers or hands-free can be an interesting giveaway item. These can be used anywhere in a variety of ways. Beautiful customized packaging of these devices with your company logo will always help customers to remember your product and services. These boxes can provide additional details of your company’s services along with contact information. Young attendees who live for the love of music would be more than happy to come to your booth and participate in a conversation to explore more about your company.


10.                Quality Samples


It is one of the most effective ways to give a glimpse of your product and services to your customers. This gives an idea to customers about what they are looking for and testing samples at the spot will encourage them to approach you if the sample answers their demand. Your brand capabilities will be advertised by these products so make sure these samples are perfectly good in quality. Customers will decide their purchase on the basis of these samples. In short, product samples are the key to boost the sale of your brand.


With that being said, we hope these tricks have helped you to devise a clear strategy to promote your brand or company. So don’t wait up, start making your own personal giveaway items to exhibit them at the next big trade show!



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