You might still be saying to yourself are business cards are not dead or are they dead? In the time of social and digital media, or even in the era of bar code scanning on your mobile, there is still a relevance to the old-fashioned business card.

There was a time when businessmen would carry a card holder with them to hold all the business cards that they received from potential business associates or gave out to potential clients at networking events. Even wallets or pocket books would have a section especially dedicated to business cards. Today such pockets mostly exist to hold our credit or debit cards.

These days, technology has drastically changed the way businesses operate or create contacts with potential customers and associates. But, if there is one thing that has not changed is that all businesses still have a business card. Their importance and being the primary source of giving out contact details may have changed, but they are still relevant. Some even might say "print is dead" too, so lets prove them wrong.

Why Business Cards Are Not Dead:

1. The Importance of Business Cards — Business cards are still relevant and very much a necessity. It is not because they give off a retro effect or an old tradition that we refuse to let go of. They are relevant because they still add value to the way businesses create contacts. Even in the age of social media with online networking sites and apps, communicating with someone in-person, making eye contact and handing them a business card is still a great way to connect with them.

This personal connection is often far more memorable than adding someone on a social media site, giving them a cold call or sending a formal email. People tend to form a better connection and impressions when they meet a person in real, rather than through words they read about them online. Having your business card on hand also shows potential business associates that you came prepared at an event and mean business. Not just to grab a couple of free drinks.

2. Business Cards are more than Contact Details — Your business card is more than contact details. Giving out a business card is also a great way to make a first impression of your brand. The make of the card, your company logo and contact details, all contribute to creating a brand image. So, don’t be afraid to be innovative and unique when it comes to the card’s design, material and finishes.

Because you want your business card to stand out from the rest. Now, that does not mean that you add over-the-top details, but a realization that this is an opportunity to introduce your business to a potential customer and to provide them a source for getting in-touch with you. For example, a bakery giving out edible business cards is a creative way to give out the information it wants yet manages to create a lasting impression.

3. What to Add on a Business Card — You can keep your business card simple and informative or get creative with it. It all depends on the type of business you are in or how innovative you are. But some details are a must on all Business Cards.

Here are a few of them:
• Company Name and Logo.
• Job Title & Name of the person attending the networking event.
• Email address and phone number-Make sure that it is a direct phone line and individual email account not a company catch-all.
• Website link.
• Social media handles.

We hope you enjoyed our article on Why Business Cards Are Not Dead. Considering their significance, business cards should be a part of your marketing mix. Did you know Win2Win can help you with your business card needs? Contact us today or follow us on Facebook for some really good deals since you know business cards are not dead.

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